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IBB's unique committees program allows our members to explore the areas of consulting, finance, and technology. We welcome all IBB general members to apply to be part of as many committees as they would like after joining the club. First, learn more about each committee!

consulting committee

The consulting committee provides case interview training by running workshops throughout the year, we teach members how to navigate the consulting recruitment process, and we provide members with the opportunity to gain tangible experiences in consulting by working with real clients. These experiences allow members to exercise their quantitative and qualitative capabilities, while forming close relationships with each other.

Client facing projects
mock project training
Client Acquisition
speaker series
Finance committee

Within the finance team, we provide analysts with both the technical and soft skills to succeed as finance professionals in the US or abroad. As an international organization, we are also deeply knowledgeable about the international student recruiting experience and are able to extend that knowledge to members who need it. 

Stock pitch
investment competition
speaker series
technology committee

The goal of our technology team is to provide analysts with the skills to become successful data science and quant finance professionals. We teach members statistics, data science tools, and programming techniques in Python and SQL, and we utilise statistics and machine learning to build trading algorithms.

speaker series
trading algorithm
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